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Koolance Radiator, 1x140mm 30-FPI Copper

Koolance Radiator, 1x140mm 30-FPI Copper
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  • HX-CU1401V
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Технические характеристики
Давление опрессовки: 2 Бар
Изготовитель: Koolance
Кол-во ребер на дюйм: 30
Резьба крепления вентиляторов: M3
  Koolance, a manufacturer which stands for highest quality, presents the new...больше
Информация о товаре


Koolance, a manufacturer which stands for highest quality, presents the new high-performance radiators!

This radiator already impresses at first glance: The whole casing is coated in a glossy black finish which gives it an outstandingly elegant and sleek appearance. The ends of the fins are also coated in a thin black coating which creates the appearance of a completely black radiator. But when looking closely the material which makes for the stunning performance becomes visible: The pure copper of the fins. The uncoated inner structure of the radiator ensures optimal heat transfer without any obstructions. The left side of the radiator has the Koolance logo applied in a matte white finish. The threads for fan installation are M4 in size and on both sides of the radiator. To allow maximum fittings compatibility the connection threads are G1/4" in size.

The horizontal location of the connection threads is a revolutionary new concept in radiator design and allows installation in spaces before not usable for radiators. The radiators are also available with vertically positioned connection threads for classical installation.

Warning: Please note that the Koolance guarantee only remains valid if this product is operated with distilled water (pure water) or with water additives and / or finished mixtures of the following manufacturers: Koolance, Alphacool, Aquacomputer, Innovatek and Phobya. If other liquids are used the warranty may no longer be given.

Technical details:
Material: Copper fins, brass tubes and casing
Connection thread size: 1/4"
Dimensions: (W x H x D):
13,3cm x 3cm x 17,1cm
Fan installation thread size: M4
Weight: 454g

Extent of delivery:
1x Radiator
4x M4x32mm cross-slotted filister head screws
2x Extensions (see Art.No. 64154)

Please note: Make sure not to screw in the screws too far as this may damage the radiator! Please ensure the proper length of the screws, the included screws may not be suitable in all cases.

Please make sure that the radiator will fit into your case! The radiator fits onto 140mm fans, but in some cases the radiator itself or the fan may collide with parts of the case.

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