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Enermax Liqmax II 120S AMD/Intel

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  • ELC-LMR120S-BS
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The Liqmax II is the updated version of the successful Liqmax liquid cooler. The engineers at...more
Product Information

The Liqmax II is the updated version of the successful Liqmax liquid cooler. The engineers at Enermax have optimised performance in this complete cooling solution and further reduced the operating volume. This is all thanks to the first-ever application of the brand new Double-Batwing fan blades and a low-noise pump. With the Adjustable-Peak-Speed (APS) function, the RPM range of the fans can be adjusted to fit your system requirements using an easy-to-access switch on the side. Three modes are available: Silent (500-1,200 1/min), Performance (500-1,600 1/min), and Overclock (500-2,000 1/min). The Liqmax II is equipped with high-quality flexible polyamide tubing, which makes installation a cinch. The liquid cooler is available with a 120mm or 240mm radiator, and its mounting system is compatible with all Intel® and AMD® processors, including the latest Intel® Haswell™ and Skylake™ generations.

Cooling & Design

  • Maintenance-free water cooling system
    Closed CPU water cooling system with pre-filled coolant for user-friendly, long-lasting operation. Maximum cooling power for powerful PC systems with multi-core processors.
  • Shunt channel technology
    Patented cooling plate design for maximum cooling power. The shunt channel inside the microlamellar structure minimises the fluid dynamic boundary layer, more effectively prevents individual hot spots, and ensures optimal heat transfer.
  • Distinctive cooling block construction
    Low operating volume and efficient cooling performance thanks to the long-lasting ceramic bearing pump. The illuminated white Enermax logo on the surface indicates the operating mode. 
  • Dual radiator
    Higher heat absorption capability and better heat transfer with a 240mm radiator. The clear choice for any system with overclocked processors.


  • Double-Batwing fans
    The newest innovation on the successful Batwing blade geometry. Thanks to the upgraded fan blade form, the Double-Batwing fans create exceptionally high airflow and improve cooling performance by reducing noise generation.
  • Adjustable Peak Speed (APS) & automatic PWM rotational regulation
    Variable maximum RPM. The RPM range can be regulated to three levels to match the system requirements, using a small switch on the side of the fan frame: Silent Mode / Performance Mode / Overclock Mode. Within the chosen mode, rotational regulation is done automatically using pulse width modulation (PWM) via the motherboard.
  • Effective fan decoupling
    Rubber pads on the fans effectively dampen vibrations and reduce ambient noise. 

Comfort & Compatibility

  • Easy, universal installation
    Quick, user-friendly mounting system for all Intel® and AMD® processors, including the current Intel® Haswell™ generation: Intel® 775/1150/1151/1155/1156/1366/2011 and AMD® AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1/FM2/FM2+.
  • Flexible, robust tubing
    High-quality polyamide tubing effectively prevents coolant evaporation, ensures a long lifespan for the cooler, and guarantees high flexibility when installing the cooler.
  • High-performance thermal paste
    Tube with Dow-Corning® thermal paste (TC-5121) for optimal heat transfer between the CPU and cooling block.

Scope of delivery

  • 1x liquid cooler ELC-LMR120S-BS/ELC-LMR240-BS
  • 2x 12cm Double-Batwing fans
  • 1x universal backplate for Intel® and AMD® platforms
  • 4x spacers
  • 2x brackets for Intel® platforms
  • 2x brackets for AMD® platforms
  • 4x mounting brackets incl. spacers for Intel® LGA-2011 sockets
  • 1x frame underlay for Intel® LGA-775 sockets
  • 4x decoupling plates for AMD® sockets
  • 4x mounting screws
  • 4x spring screws
  • 8x fan screws
  • 4x/8x casing screws (depending on model)
  • 1x Dow-Corning® thermal paste TC-5121
  • 1x Y-cable for PWM fans
  • 1x user manual 


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Technical details
Изготовитель: Enermax
Размер радиатора: 1x 120 мм
Предварительно заполненная: Да
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Вопросы и Ответы
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Question from sandro g. from 11. November 2017
Is this system ok for an AM4 processor?
Answer from Aquatuning GmbH from 11. November 2017
No, that cooler is not compatible with AM4.
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