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Alphacool VPP655 - G1/4 inner thread including Eisdecke D5 - Acetal V.3

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Alphacools top for Laing D5 is now a member of the Eisdecke series and receives an update....more
Product Information

Alphacools top for Laing D5 is now a member of the Eisdecke series and receives an update.

For years now this top is already a measure. Again and again, small improvements have been made. The second major update differs both, visually and technically in a few details.

The principle: On the bottom there is space for the Laing D5 or VPP655 pump and in the front or on top the inlet and outlet.

For even more flexibility, the Eisdecke gets three inlets and two outlets. Another feature is the new holder to give the entire unit a stable footing and complete the overall visual image. Optional installation in 3.5 "drive bay is possible.

The top can be converted by using the suplementary element, whitch is given as an accessory, to an complete reservoir which has also been revised.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 80 x 80 x 40mm
  • Dimensions with stands: 83 x 80 x 87mm
  • Material: Acetal
  • Threads: 5x ¼“


Alphacool VPP655
Alphacool's new power pump series, exceptional performance at an unbeatable price. The 12V pumps can simply be connected directly to the system PSU and the pump will start with your PC for maximum convenience and safety.

This pump is ideal for PC and other electronics water cooling. The DC pump is equipped with an electronically commutated spherical motor. In a pump with a spherical motor the only moving part is a spherically shaped rotor which in this pump is held in place by a bearing ball made of ultra-hard and wear-resistant ceramic. The spherical bearing of the rotor offers many advantages: For example an increase of bearing play is impossible due to the design, allowing the pump to run quietly and smoothly over its whole lifespan. A separate magnetic shielding of the pump is not needed. 

The ball motor design allows efficient operation of the pump in combination with excellent performance. The pump can simply be connected to a 12V Molex connector of the system PSU.

The special feature of this model is the fact that only the pump core itself is shipped. Why pay more for all the things you won't need when using this pump with a third-party pump top?  Another feature is the ability to be adjusted in five speed settings.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 65x65x57mm (without connectors)
  • Motor: Electronically commuted spherical motor
  • Rated voltage: 12V DC
  • Power consumption: 23W
  • Permitted voltage range: 8-24V DC
  • Pressure head at 12V: 3,7m
  • Maximum flow: 350l/h
  • Pumped media: Water, water/glycol mixtures
  • Maximum system temperature: 60°C
  • Materials: Stainless steel 1.4571, PPS-GF40, EPDM O-rings, Aluminium oxide, hard coal
  • Special features: Adjustable in five steps
  • Step 1: 1800 rpm
  • Step 2: 2550 rpm
  • Step 3: 3300 rpm
  • Step 4: 4050 rpm
  • Step 5: 4800 rpm
  • Power connector:  4 Pin Molex

Scope of delivery

  • Alphacool VPP655 - G1/4 inner thread including Eisdecke D5 - Plexi V.3


Mounting manual

Download 3D-file (.stp)


Not intended for continuous operation with fluids containing titanium dioxide or glycerin. Many pastel colours typically use these additives.


Attention: The manufacturer Mayhems advises that Mayhems fluids, especially the Aurora line of products, have been manufactured and distributed solely for show and modding purposes. These should not be utilized in the system for more than 14 days.

We would also like to advise that Mayhems fluids can damage water cooling products, and using Mayhems fluids can thereby void the warranties offered by the following manufacturers: Koolance, Phobya, Alphacool, Aqua Computer, Watercool.

Damages such as: clogging, corrosion of aluminium radiators, deterioration of glued containers, etc., are a consequence of the use of Mayhems, but will not be reimbursed by Mayhems. Use is therefore at one’s own risk.

Awards and documents
Technical details and videos ... moor
Technical details
Цвет: черный
Макс. напор: Хороший (от 2 до 4м), 3,7 м
Разъем питания: 4Pin Molex
Напряжение: 12 В постоянный ток
Размеры: 95 x 45 x 80 мм
Макс. расход (поток): 1500 л/час, Экстремальный (более 1400 л/час)
Выход для воды: G1/4" внутренняя резьба
Материал: Пластик, Керамика
Вход для воды: G1/4" внутренняя резьба
Макс. температура системы: 60°C
Совместимые жидкости: Вода, водно-гликолевые растворы
Другое: Включая крепление из полиацеталя
Диапазон регулирования: 8-24 В постоянный ток
Изготовитель: Alphacool
Входная мощность: 23 Вт
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Question from SpatteL from 02. February 2016
Ist hier der AGB Aufsatz, wie auf dem letzten Bild zu sehen, schon dabei oder nicht? Das geht mMn nicht eindeutig aus der Beschreibung hervor.
Answer from Aquatuning GmbH from 02. February 2016
Nein der AGB Aufsatz ist nicht mit dabei. Das Bild zeigt lediglich ein Montagebeispiel.
Question from Guest #224079 from 02. February 2016
Sind Verschlußschrauben im Lieferumfang ? ist die regelung der 5 Stufen via Schalter ( wenn per schlater, kommt man an diesen, wenn man sie so stehend verbaut wie abgebildet ) oder elektronisch
Answer from Guest #224079 from 02. February 2016
ok, das mit dem Schalter hab ich jetzt gelesen, wenn man sie hochkant verbaut, kommt man ohne ausreichend nach unten nicht ran, oder ?
Answer from Guest #224079 from 02. February 2016
ausreichend Luft nach unten, sorry
Question from Torsten H. from 05. May 2016
Sind Verschlußschrauben im Lieferumfang ?
Answer from Aquatuning GmbH from 05. May 2016
Es ist alles dabei, sprich was fehlt sind lediglich Anschraubtüllen.
Question from Guest #247281 from 07. July 2016
gibt es diese ausführung auch mit Delrin? als KFZ.Mechaniker fällt es mir schwer das acetal unbeschädigt zu lassen -.-
Answer from Guest #247281 from 07. July 2016
bzw die gewinde und das obwohl ich keinerlei werkzeuge zum befestigen der anschlüsse und verschlussstopfen nehme
Question from Michel S. from 08. August 2016
Moin ist dies die warianta mit PWM Überwachung/Tachosignal?
Answer from Aquatuning GmbH from 08. August 2016
Nein das ist nicht diese Pumpe. Folgende Artikelnr ist die Pumpe mit PWM. Artikelnr. 1012344
Question from Jano H. from 11. November 2017
Guten Tag, wie ist das denn bei der Pumpe mit dem Durchfluss? In den Details steht ein Durchfluss von 1500L/h und in der Beschreibung ein Durchfluss von 350L/h. Welcher ist denn zutraffen? MfG
Answer from Aquatuning GmbH from 11. November 2017
In der Praxis spielen dieser angegebenen Werte eigentlich keine Rolle, denn schon mit einem Anschluss sind diese Angaben hinfällig. Theoretisch sind 1500L/h möglich, in der Praxis sind 350L/h bei einem geraden Schlauch ohne viel Wiederstände realistischer.
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