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flow meter Digmesa FHKUC 70

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The flow resistance of the Digimesa flow rate sensor is extremely low, and the second best in... mehr
The flow resistance of the Digimesa flow rate sensor is extremely low, and the second best in the review (see sensor comparison test).  It is only slightly behind the "GMR AFS1-T type 1". Additionally this flow rate sensor becomes audible only above a flow rate of approx. 400 l/h, meaning that it is pleasantly quiet. In a normal system such flow rates are usually not reached, hence meaning that this is a practically silent sensor with great precision.
The barbed fittings are designed for connection of tubing with an inner diameter of 9.5 to 11.1mm. But it is also possible to connect soft hoses with an inner diameter of 8mm. On tubing with an inner diameter of 11.1mm it is necessary to secure the connection with zip ties of hose clamps to prevent leaks.
Measuring of the sensor starts at 84l/h. The sensor works at 165 impulses per lizer. For some systems with weaker Eheim pumps or similar pumps this can be too little. Laing users are sure to have the perfect sensor with this flow rate sensors!
  • Low flow resistance
  • Easy connection to standard controllers
  • Good precision
  • Noise emissions only at very high flow rates

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Flow rate sensor Digimesa FHKUC 70

Sensor comparison test


Note regarding sensor compatibility:
Flow rate sensors are only suitable for connection to a compatible controller and can NOT be connected directly to e.g. the fan socket on a Mainboard or fan controller, as the impulses from the sensor are no enough to work with a fan channel. The only possibility is the use of the Pulsmatik (Item No. 71000) which can be connected between the sensor and e.g. the Mainboard. We do not recommend this solution though, as it is not very practical or cost efficient. We recommend ordering a compatible fan controller when wanting to use a flow rate sensor.

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