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B-Ware Be quiet! Pure Wings 2 - 140 - 1600rpm (140x140x25mm) (bulk fans from the Silent Loop second choice)

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Technische Details
Цвет рамки: черный
Изготовитель: BeQuiet
Воздушный поток: 98,54 м³/час
Стартовое напряжения: 6,0 В
Набор вентиляторов: 9x, 4x, 3x
Входная мощность: 1,92 Вт
Скорость вращения - Номинальная: 1600 об./мин
Срок службы (при 25°C): 50 000 часов
Уровень шума - Диапазон: 20 - 29,9 Дб(А)
Номинальное напряжение: 12 В постоянный ток
Скорость вращения - Диапазон: 1500 - 1950 об./мин
Светодиод: Не доступен
Цвет крыльчатки: синий
Размеры: 140 x 140 x 25 мм
Размер: 140 мм
Давление: 1,48 мм H2O
Передача тахо-сигнала (RPM): Да
Разъем питания: 3Pin Molex
Воздушный поток - Диапазон: 50 - 99 м³/час
Уровень шума: 23,0 Дб(А)
This product is part of a returned Silent Loop 180mm set. The fan will not be shipped in its... mehr

This product is part of a returned Silent Loop 180mm set. The fan will not be shipped in its original packaging.

Grounds for a return: defective pump, reservoir, or radiator. The fans are 100% operational.

The Pure Wings 2 140mm fans are not just for starter-model PCs, but are also great for incorporating that well-known be quiet! cooling into a gaming or multimedia system.

Product Highlights:

  • Nine volume-optimised fan blades reduce noise-generating turbulence
  • Durable rifle bearing provides up to 80,000 hours of operation
  • Extremely quiet operation at a low 18.8 dB(A), even at highest RPM
  • Product conception, design, and quality control in Germany

Maximum reliability and quiet operation at an excellent price-performance ratio. Simply the best choice for anyone looking to install that well-known, unrivaled be quiet! cooling in their PC.

General Specifications

  • Model: Pure Wings 2 140mm
  • Dimensions: 140mm
  • +SilentWings: - 
  • Revolutions at 12V (RPM): 1,000
  • Displacement volume at 100% (cfm, m3/h): 61.2 / 104
  • Air pressure at 12V (mm H2O): 0.76
  • Volume at 12V (dB(A)): 18.8

Mechanical Specifications

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 140 x 140 x 25mm
  • Bearing technology: rifle
  • Motor technology: 4-pole fan motor
  • Weight including cable: 0.16kg
  • Screw attachment: ✓

 Cables and Connectors

  • Connector plug: 3-pin 
  • Cable length: 450mm

Performance Data

  • Lifespan at 25°C (hours): 80,000

Electrical Data

  • Rated voltage (V): 12
  • Operating voltage range (V): 5~12
  • Rated current (A): 0.09
  • Maximum current (A): 0.12
  • Power consumption (W): 1.44
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Вопросы и Ответы
Frage von Radu T. vom 11. November 2017
Hello, is the fan powerful enough to push through an Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 rad and still remain relatively silent? Thank you in advance.
Antwort von Aquatuning GmbH vom 11. November 2017
It is strong enough. And you do not need a very strong fan for ST30 radiators. Only if you are going to use an UT60 or a Monsta radiator with only Push you need very strong fans.
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