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Alphacool converter card V.2 - 12V DC to 12V AC - (Double Power & Redundant)

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The latest generation of the power converter card, Alphacools converter card V.2 – 12V DC...more
Product Information

The latest generation of the power converter card, Alphacools converter card V.2 – 12V DC to 12V AC – Double power (redundant), converts the 12V direct current from the system power supply into 12V alternating current for different pumps. Some examples of 12V AC pumps are e.g. the Eheim 1046, 600 or 1000 models.

Alphacool would not be Alphacool, if an update would not bring some extremely interesting new features! The following list shows the new features of this power converter card:

1 or 2 pump operation:
Two channels for pump connection are available. Each channel can handle up to 23W of power consumption. This means that with pumps consuming less than 11W of power per piece, 4 pumps, 2 per channel, can be connected!

As a rough guideline:
2 pumps per channel possible: Eheim 1046 or 600
1 pump per channel only: Eheim 1000

Providing only power to the pumps is something that the predecessors of this converter card were already able to do. The special feature of this card are the different operating modes which can be activated by placing jumpers on the card:

For this mode of operation two pumps are required. Normally only pump 1 will be used, but if it fails pump 2 will be activated
In this mode both channels are activated simultaneously
Freq. 55
Determines the frequency of AC pumps. Standard is 50Hz, at 55Hz some pumps run more smoothly and with higher flow rates
Freq. max.
Tests the maximum frequency of the pump and sets it as the operating frequency. This runs the pump at maximum power
Pump is run in venting mode for de-aeration oft he cooling loop. The pump will be switched On and Off repeatedly
This is a 3-Pin extension connector. An interface to the Aquastream pump is planned here.

Pump speed monitoring:
With the help of this 3-Pin connector and a cable for connection, the fan speed can be monitored by a controller.

Temperature sensors
Here the temperature sensors can be connected. Use only sensors with a resistance of 10 kOhms. Monitoring is possible e.g. with the Heatmaster 2, later also with Aquacomputer products.

In the corners of the board openings are implemented. With the decoupling kit, Item No. 52010,  the board can be mounted directly below an Eheim 1046 pump, allowing mounting without the need for additional space.
Alternatively the board can also be mounted with Alphacool’s Velcro mat, Item No. 52028, anywhere in the system. Additional you need 4x M4 nuts.

Technical specifications:
Material: Plastic/Metall
Colour: Mainly green
Dimensions (L x W x H): 75 x 77 x 17mm
Input voltage: 4 Pin Molex 12V DC (All 4 Lines are required)
Power connection Input: 4Pin Molex
Output voltage: 12V AC
Power connection outside: Clamping screws (like on luster terminal:
Hole dimensions: 63 to 67mm

The Multi-lingual mounting manual can be found here .

Extent of delivery:
1x Alphacool power converter card V.2 - 12V DC to  12V AC - (Double Power & Redundant)
2x Jumper
Mounting manual  (de, eng, fra)

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Question from Guest #280078 from 06. June 2017
Kan ich an der v.2 einen Lüfter 12v ac 14 w anschließen?
Answer from Aquatuning GmbH from 06. June 2017
Bitte fragen sie bei Alphacool direkt an, da uns dazu keine Informationen vorliegen.
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