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Mayhems Pastel™ Opaque premixed coolant V2 - dark gray 1000ml

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Content: 1000 ml

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Mayhem's pastel? Opaque Coolant V2 - Dark Gray 1000ml   Mayhem's Pastel™ Opaque Coolant™...more
Product Information

Mayhem's pastel? Opaque Coolant V2 - Dark Gray 1000ml 

Mayhem's Pastel™ Opaque Coolant™ is the world's most popular and best-selling coolant in the modding and water cooling sector. With their unique colour variations and excellent cooling performance, these fluids clearly stand out from the competition.

The Mayhems Pastel™ series combines a variety of different technologies in one product: from dyes to nanotechnology and of course the usual splash of Mayhems magic. The use of certain biocides prevents the formation and deposition of residues, which enables a lifetime of approx. 3 years. No other liquid on the market lasts so long and looks so good!

Features & Benefits 

  • UV radiation-blocking, natural biocides
  • Contains non-toxic corrosion and lime inhibitors to protect copper, brass, steel and nickel. Tested to ASTM D3306 & BS6580.
  • Extremely long life, outlasts all other current coolants
  • Low toxicity if swallowed, less toxic than propylene glycol
  • Freezing point at -8° C
  • Good flow rate to prevent lime and deposits
  • Boiling point at up to 95° C (depending on pressure)
  • Can be stored in a dry environment at 25° C for up to 5 years
  • Produced & bottled by Mayhems in UK

Before you use Mayhem's pastel products:

The system must be completely cleaned and there must be no chemical residues left. We recommend the "Mayhems Blitz Cleaning System" to clean the circuit from all residues before use. Mayhems Pastel already contains biocides and inhibitors.

Warning: Contains zinc oxide. Do not pour this product into the drain as this will harm the environment. Dispose of the liquid in a safe and appropriate manner. Store the bottle in a cold, dry environment and out of reach of children and animals. Should you swallow the liquid, DO NOT suppress the nausea unless directed to do so by medical personnel.


This product is not suitable for use with aluminium radiators! Mayhem's tests have shown that a number of problems can occur when using aluminium radiators. Therefore, no liability will be accepted for damage caused in this way.

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Technical details
Цвет свечения в УФ: Не УФ-активен
Изготовитель: Mayhems
Описание: Готовый к употреблению
Содержание: 1000 мл
Цвет: серый
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